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Make your lashes last longer...

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

I have so many clients ask me, "How do I keep my lashes for longer?" and here's a few top tips to keep your lashes healthy:

  1. Keep your lashes clean! It may seem stupid but taking care of your lashes will keep your natural lashes healthy and extend the life of your extensions, make it part of your daily routine. Clean and brush them everyday and use lash extension friendly products, micellar water is a good option.

  2. Be Gentle! Try not to rub or touch your lashes a lot this can cause the extensions to fall off prematurely. Of course everyone gets an itch but try to resist rubbing and perhaps use a mascara wand to gentle brush through your lashes... I know, easier said than done :)

  3. Think about how you sleep! If you sleep face down or on your side you will most likely naturally lose lashes quicker on both or sometimes just one of your eyes. Everyone has a natural sleeping position but it's something to bare in mind.

  4. Use a lash extension sealer. These products go a long way to extend the life of the adhesive used to attach the lash extension to your natural lash. We can recommend some options.

  5. Don't miss your refills! To keep your lashes looking full it means you have to keep on top of infills every two to three weeks. So if you are within two to three weeks then infills are most likely but if it's been longer you may need to have a lash service which is not a problem but will take longer and possibly more expensive vs. a regular infill.

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